Steel & Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium Fencing: the Safety You Need Anywhere In Perth

Don’t be let down by cheap metal. Trust A & K Gates to use only the best materials to make only the finest fencing. Our aluminium fencing is erected around Perth, adding character and security to homes, offices and businesses.

Is tubular fencing for you?

Tubular steel fencing has become increasingly popular in Perth and around Australia.

A&K only uses the highest quality Orrcan MSGB Australian standard material for our tubular steel products so that we can meet your expectations of a lightweight fence that manages to look good while still providing both strength and durability.

If you’re looking for an affordable, sturdy material, consider tubular steel.

Aluminium fencing

The advantage of aluminium fencing is that it does not have the same need for the kind of special coatings for protection against the effects of corrosion. Spiking steel prices of late also mean that aluminium is an affordable alternative to steel.

However, while affordable and offering considerable durability, aluminium cannot offer the same level of strength as the denser steel options, so if you are looking specifically for a hard wearing security gate, aluminium is not ideal.

The local fencing experts you can rely on

For more than 15 years, A & K has provided Perth residents and businesses with a premium range of gate and fencing solutions. Our range is characterised by its practicality, simplicity and hardiness. Individualised service is our goal, so we strive to make sure the needs and tastes of each client is always put first.

At A & K there is no one blanket solution, so we offer a wide range of options including materials, finishes, styles and functions which can be customised depending on the needs of the job. In addition to our range of aluminium fencing in Perth, we also install glass balustradespool fencing as well as colorbondaluminium, and electric driveway gates.

We believe that everyone should have access to quality. Because of this, we try to keep our prices low wherever possible without compromising on the quality of our materials or workmanship.

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