Colorbond Gates

Durable Colorbond Gates Available For Installation in Perth

Steel gates framed with colorbond steel sheets provide security as well as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or business. These gates are precisely constructed to meet tough Australian weather conditions while also being easy to maintain. A & K Fencing has a full range of colorbond gating options with colours and design alternatives to compliment any exterior style.

An Australian product make specifically for our harsh southern climate, this steel is the highest quality material in its class. Some advantages of installing a colorbond gate in your Perth property include:

  • Durability: One of the hardest wearing materials on the market, colorbond’s baked finish resists chipping, cracking and peeling. Despite its strength, it is a lightweight material which means your gate won’t be too heavy.
  • Low Maintenance: Because of the specialised manufacturing process involved in producing your gate, there is basically no maintenance required.
  • Style: Available in a wide range of colours, the simple design of this material adds a modern polish wherever it is used.
  • Sustainability: This steel is 100% recyclable and due to its lightweight qualities it is also easy to transport.

A colorbond gate is a great investment in the exterior of your home. Improve the value of your property today with one call to the experts at A & K Gates. Made to measure and built with an eye to complement your property, buying colorbond is one of the smartest things you’ll ever do.

Get the locally-made, locally-trusted gate manufacturers

Our products are tailored to your property and your circumstances every time. In addition to our colorbond gates, we are proud to offer glass balustradespool fencing and electric driveway gates.

For nearly two decades, the experts at A & K Quality Gates and Fencing have been striving to provide all Perth residents with comfort, security and beauty. We strive for affordability in our services and products, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality.

For more information on having one of our colorbond gates installed in your Perth home or business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or calling us on 0434 383 397 or 0423 809 091.


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