Steel & Aluminium Gates

Quality Steel and Aluminium Gates for Perth Homes and Businesses

A & K Quality Gates & Fencing has a wide range of steel and aluminium gates to compliment your new or existing fence.

Our aluminium gates are constructed with the highest quality materials, and all of our options have a 3 mm level of thickness that is both strong and durable for a plethora of applications.

These gates are suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential use and will provide years of unprecedented security that will increase the overall beauty of your property.

A variety of style also ensures a gate that looks every bit as good as the protection it provides.

Simplicity is everything

We don’t do tricked up, overly complicated, or ornate gates because we believe in doing the simple things well. Our aluminium and steel gates are pared back, elegant and timeless, Made form a stainless steel frame and tailor made to fit the specific dimensions of your property, our gates are made to last. Unlike other gates, they won’t warp, buckle, or rust over time; this is backed up by our two year guarantee.

About Us

For more than 15 years, A & K Quality Gates and Fencing have been one of the leading installation companies in Perth. We pride ourselves on offer a range that is versatile, adaptable, and highly affordable. Some of our more popular services in Perth include installation of glass balustradeselectric driveway gatescolorbond gates as well as aluminium and pool fencing. With us, the difference lies in our expertise and customer service. We strive to go the extra mile with each and every one of our customers, offering an individualised service which puts your needs and tastes above everything else. At A & K, there is no one cookie cutter solution, and every customer is different.

Affordability is something we also strive for, as we believe everyone should have access to quality. Although we never compromise on our materials or processes, we aim to keep our prices competitive and affordable wherever possible.

For more information on our range of steel and aluminium gates available in the Perth area, or to organise and obligation free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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